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Fantastic work...
Hello Tracy...

It's been a long time since Goldsmiths! Wonderful to see that you've managed to continue with your artistic endeavours. What gorgeous work you've been creating. I've been meaning to link up with you for ages. I'll check out your Facebook page. Much love, Susie xxx
Posted by Susie Freeman (nee Tassell) on 21 March 2013
memory art
Tracy, I left Paris to move back to Germany. Started work in January 2012 and got a house South of Dusseldorf where my piece of "memory art" will find a new place on the wall in May. Of my experience in France I will use some stones collected on the Ile de France and put them in a mosaic to trace those last 1.5 years of my live.
Posted by Marion on 04 April 2012
Great to see your work
Hi Tracy,

Brought back some lovely memories reading about you & Cyprus. You are a bit of a dark horse, How did I not know that you were such a talented artist?

Hope life is good ! will now keep up to date with your latest work :) P.S. love the shed. Deb
Posted by Debbie Constantinou on 25 October 2011
Hi Debbie,

Thanks for the lovely comments good to hear from you... what can I say the conversation must have been too good at the your hair salon way back when :-)

I have a facebook site: Tracy McAlister Mackay Visual Artist if you would like to follow that way too.

Lots of love to you

Posted by tracy on 25 October 2011
blog and website
I love the colours and the materials you use in your artworks! They bring me peace of mind and make me think of beautiful beaches, the sand and the sea!
And now I've found out you are a writer as well!
It's a very professional and good taste blog you have here! Well done Tracy!!!
Posted by madalena on 03 February 2011
thank you Madelena - it is always good to get feedback, I hope you have a chance to read more blog entries in the future.
Posted by Tracy on 10 March 2011
Memory Art
Dear Tracy,

the souvenirs of my travels that you gave a superb setting to, with your textiles, have found a place on the wall today. It feels so good to look at them. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Marion Beckmann on 26 September 2010
Hi Marion,

I'm so glad - Paris will be a lovely fsetting for the pieces :-) Thank you for giving me the opportunity of creating something from your amazing finds!

Best wishes
Posted by Tracy on 27 September 2010
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Wonderful artwork
Posted on 13 April 2010
Inspiration boards
Posted on 02 February 2010
Web site
Posted on 02 April 2009
art dimensions
Posted on 17 March 2009
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web site
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Art work
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No Title
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constructed textiles
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